The Safe and Secure Method of Issuing & Monetizing a SBLC to create 3M, 15M or 40M of Non-Recourse Funding

Issuing & Monetizing of SBLC

Program Completion Time 2.5 Months (approx)

Three Program Options

($260K USD to 3M / $350K USD to 15M / $500K USD to 40M)

Plus our service charge one off 10% of face value of sblc amount.
Payment cheque to be provided in advance of 3 months FORWARD DATED IN THE NAME OF INTELLIFINACE LTD

We conduct a thorough Due Diligence on all Applications to Verify you meet our High Standards for Consideration of Acceptance. Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance.



Correct Document Completion: Electronic Photos of Clients Initials and Signature should be inserted into this document. Text initials and Signature are not accepted.

Disclaimer: This document is provided in Microsoft Word Format for ease of the client’s completion. Under no circumstances are the clauses or contents in this document to be removed or deleted. Any client who is found to have removed or deleted clauses in this document will immediately have their transaction cancelled and will be deemed to have committed fraud with appropriate penalties being imposed on them.

A. Program Confirmation

I would like to apply for enrolment and acceptance into the following selected program:

[__] Enrol Complete Managed SBLC Program – $260K to 3M

[__] Enrol Complete Managed SBLC Program – $350K to 15M

[__] Enrol Complete Managed SBLC Program – $500K to 40M
Our service charge is 10% of non recourse funds, payment to be paid by cheque in advance and it is refundable if you do not get required non recourse funds

Partnering for Success

Independent Trustee Protection

The Biggest Issue for Most Investors is Protecting their Deposit and avoiding being Scammed.

We have achieved Full Protection of Investors Deposits by ensuring that all investors pay their Deposit funds to an Independent Trustee who protects and holds the investors funds safely in Trust.

Funds are NOT released by the Independent Trustee to the SBLC Issuer until the Issuers Bank has successfully delivered the SBLCs MT799 to the Monetizing Bank and the Independent Trustee has verified that the Receiving Bank has received, authenticated and verified the authenticity of the SBLC asset. Only when the SBLC’s MT799 has been authenticated are investors funds released by the Trustee for the SBLC Issuer to complete the transaction by delivering the SBLC’s MT760 to the Receiving Bank.

Investors Funds are totally protected by the Independent Trustee because if for ANY REASON the Issuing Bank DOES NOT Successfully complete the delivery of an authentic MT799 to the Receiving Bank then the Independent Trustee will within 10 days of confirming this return the Investors Deposit Funds back to the Investors Bank Account.

Using this method, we are able to protect investors funds and ensure we only close and complete genuine, legitimate funding transactions.

The Independent Trustee is a seasoned Financial Instruments Expert who works and lives in one of the Worlds Largest Financial Centers. He has years of experience completing successful financial transactions and does not work for either the SBLC Issuer or the SBLC Monetizer.

The Independent Trustee signs the Managed SBLC Program Agreement along with the Investor and the SBLC Issuer and all parties provide full and detailed disclosure of their addresses, passports and detailed contact information. Nothing is hidden so the entire process is completely transparent.

Time Completion Guide

  • Time
  • Description

  • 1 Day
  • – Client Compliance Application

  • 1 Day
  • – Audit

  • 1 Day
  • – Corrections

  • 1 Day
  • – Re-Audit (If Required)

  • 2 Day
  • – Compliance

  • 3 Day
  • – Agreement

  • 2 Day
  • – Independent Trustee Call

  • 10 Day
  • – Independent Trustee Meeting (If Required)

  • 2 Day
  • – Deposit Paid

  • 30 Day
  • – Program

  • 30 Day
  • – Funding

Note: Times are estimates only and are subject to change. Days given are banking days.

• Program operated with SBLC from – Top 25 World Banks
• Funding is normally completed in 2.5 Months
• Straight Pre-negotiated SBLC Buy / Sell
• Full Non Recourse Funding Provided. No Repayments Required
• No Interest Charged
• No Equity Percentage Required
• No Security Needed apart from the Deposit
• No Personal or Corporate Credit Checks
• No Project Documentation Required
• Good Commission Paid to Brokers as per their Rating.
• Program Contract normally provided within 72 Hours of our Compliance Departments Approva

Please fill in attached form for managed SBLC