1. Unrivaled Credibility & Authenticity – Most of our competitors are new in the industry and they cannot match the years of unrivalled history, experience and credibility.

2. LOAN TERM: Flexible loan terms up to 1 year extended to 5 years in some cases more.

3. PREPAYMENT: Early prepayment penalties applies on case to case basis.

4. RATES: Loan Rates from 6% per annum. Our service charge extra.

5. LOAN SIZE: From $10 Million to $500+ Million nationally and internationally.

6. We are the world’s number one provider of recourse loans

7. Easy: Issuance of Bank Guarantees, Letter Of Credit, And DLC Within Few Days.

8. Guarantee: We offer you commercial loans with or without additional collateral or guarantee.

9. All countries welcome except Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, USA,Libya, Somalia, and North Korea.

10. More Than ,500+ Clients from many countries Have Successfully Concluded Transactions.

11. With our expertise and facilities and innovation we believe that we enrich our customers and not just make them rich.

12. Quick disbursement: Once all your documents are in place, your loan can be disbursed within 31 business days.

13. Most of the Work Is Done Online: so you DON’T have To waste thousands of dollars on airfare and visa to come to our Office

14. Complete End to End Managed Bank Guarantee Program – We provide a comprehensive, integrated, prestructured Bank Guarantee Issuing and Monetization Program. Thousands of people around the world are frantically trying to find a BG/SBLC Issuer and Funder who will work together.