The Unique Advantages of Purchasing a Leased SBLC / BG

• World Top 25 Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or Bank Guarantee (BG) available

• SBLCs & BGs available in both USD or EURO Currencies

• Independent Trustee protects Client Deposit until Mt799 is authenticated and verified.

• 7 to 10 Days to Complete Full Payment after Mt760 Delivery to your Bank.

• Mt799 Pre advice Included with SBLC & BG Delivery

• Low Leasing Rate of 12+2 (14% Total)

• No Personal or Corporate Credit Checks

• No Project Documentation Required

• DOA normally Signed within 48 Hours of being returned Completed

• Simple Delivery Mt760 direct to your Bank.

• Up to 2% Commission Paid to our registered Brokers

• All Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)s or Bank Guarantees (BG)s are Fresh Cut specifically for each Client

This Leased SBLC / BG Program utilizes Standby Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees that are issued by a respected Top 50 World Bank because of the underlying financial strengths of that organization and the fact they are:

• Highly Respected

• Safe

• Valuable

• Internationally Recognized

• Financially Stable

• Long Term Expertise in SBLCs

The Standby Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees we use in this program have been Pre-Approved by our Provider for prompt and efficient Delivery, Authentication and Verification to designated Client Accounts. We solely use Tested, Proven, Highly Credible and Well-Established service providers to issue Standby Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees.

Why the Deposit is Essential!

ALL Clients who wish to Purchase a Leased SBLC / BG MUST pay a Deposit to the Independent Trustee. No Deposit, No Leased SBLC or BG.

4 Reasons The Deposit is Required:

1/ World Top 25 Banks will NOT issue a SBLC / BG unless they have an assurance that when they complete delivery of the SBLC to the Clients Bank that they will be promptly paid for creating and delivering the SBLC or BG.

2/ ALMOST ALL banks now require Clients to make a good faith payment at the start of a SBLC / BG transaction. Too many Banks have been burned with failed SBLC / BG transactions by clients who have refused to show any capacity to be able to:

a) Either make a good faith payment, or
b) Settle a legitimate SBLC / BG transaction.

The High Rate of failed SBLC/ BG transactions from clients who have not invested any money in the settlement of their own SBLC / BG transactions has lead Most Banks and Financial Instrument Providers to now require good faith payments BEFORE a SBLC / BG is Issued by a bank.

3/ If a client could get a $70 Million or $200 Million Dollar Standby Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee issued without contributing a single dollar, every homeless person on the planet would be doing it! There has to be a common-sense barrier to prohibit that sort of foolishness and misuse. Obtaining a SBLC / BG without providing any kind of Deposit is a Fairy Tale that has never existed. Read more about why FREE Financial Instruments don’t exist.

4/ There has been a high level of fraud with Proof of Funds and Bank Statements. Funding Circle International’s view is if a client cannot transfer the required Deposit for a Leased SBLC or BG Purchase to an Independent Trustee (after all program documents are signed by all parties) when they “claim” to have funds to buy a $20 Million Dollar Standby Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee, then the client probably is NOT real and Intelli Finance Ltdshouldn’t be doing business with them.

Deposit Schedule

The following Lease SBLC / BG Deposits and Insurance Fees are required to be paid AFTER ALL parties have signed the Leased Financial Instrument Deed of Agreement.

Need a SBLC / BG Larger than 500 Million?

We DO NOT issue Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)s or Bank Guarantee (BG)s over 500 Million as financial instrument transactions larger than 500 Million often get stopped and flagged in every Bank and Governments Compliance Department and held for audit. These Bank and Government Audits can often delay client transactions for months because the instrument value exceeds normal bank and government transaction parameters. We therefore recommend if you want to complete transactions larger than 500 Million that you do a series of tranches of no more than 500 Million. Example: For a 2 Billion Dollar SBLC, have it delivered in 4 x 500 Million SBLCs.

No Upfront Fees
The Sad Reality is our industry is full of people that believe the fairy tale that SBLCs and BGs can be obtained with NO MONEY UPFRONT. The fact is they can’t! They never have been able to be purchased for free and they never will be! ALL Banks especially World Top 50 banks charge fees to create and deliver the SBLC / BG to the Client. Banks don’t work for FREE and they won’t deliver assets worth millions of dollars to a client account for FREE and then hope the Client will pay them later!

IMPORTANT: If you want to complete a genuine, real, legitimate SBLC or BG transaction you have to lodge a Deposit with our Independent Trustee or Escrow who will act in your best interests and protect your funds completely.

Questions and Answers

QUESTION: Can I use my own Escrow or Independent Trustee?

ANSWER: No. The Independent Trustee we utilize is a long time Financial Instruments industry expert who has completed numerous successful transactions with the SBLC / BG Provider, so is escrow. We use this Trustee because his intimate understanding of the financial instruments market enables him to quickly get to the bottom of any issue that arises and get it resolved or refund clients money.

QUESTION: Can I provide Proof of Funds from one account but send the cash from different account to the Independent Trustee?

ANSWER: Yes. Of course, as long as ALL money must be clean and clear funds and of non-criminal origin.

QUESTION: Can I Get an SBLC or BG with No Upfront Fee?

ANSWER: Generally the only SBLC or BG Providers who provide financial instruments with no upfront fee are unrated banks or dodgy financial institutions who issue worthless SBLC paper that often isn’t worth the money it’s written on. Remember, just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean its good! Most funders won’t touch SBLC or BGs from fringe Banks like those on the Funding Circle Internationals Banned Providers List. Chances are if you can get a cheap SBLC or BG, someone is selling you a lemon no one else wants and you are going to get hurt! Our Provider only Issues SBLCs and BGs from Top 50 World Banks because that’s the best and safest strategy for our clients.

QUESTION: I have 55 questions where can I email or phone to have all my questions answered?

ANSWER: We solely allocate time and resources to SERIOUS CLIENTS who have supplied and COMPLETED the Purchasing Leased BG or SBLC Application. When you have supplied that completed documentation to us then we will happily allocate one of our experts to answer all your questions.


Our Strongest Recommendation!

The biggest mistake most people make is to try and deliver a SBLC or BG to their own Funder. In our experience up to 40% of transactions where SBLCs or BGs are delivered to Third Party Funders Fail because the funder does not perform. We strongly recommend to ALL CLIENTS that you use our Managed SBLC Program where we Issue a SBLC direct to our own proven Monetizer. The Managed SBLC Program has proven to be the safest method of successfully generating funding. Here are a few details:

Managed SBLC Program

The Safe and Secure Method of Issuing & Monetizing a SBLC to create 3M, 15M or 40M of Non-Recourse Funding.

Three Program Options

Option 1: $260K USD Deposit to 2M Funding
Option 2: $350K USD Deposit to 10M Funding
Option 3: $500K USD Deposit to 30M Funding


I ________________________________________________(Insert First and Last Name) residing at address:


City________________________ State__________________Country:_______________________________

hereby confirm the following:

C. Program Confirmation

I would like to apply for enrolment and acceptance into the following selected program:

[__] Purchase a Leased [__] BG / [__] SBLC

for a Value of ____________________________________________________ [ ] USD / [ ] Euros

D. Eligibility Declaration
I confirm that neither I or any person or company I represent is in ANY of the following categories that Intelli Finance Ltdwill NOT provide service to:

Due to FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) we DO NOT provide ANY services to:

• USA Passport Holders
• USA Corporations
• Clients that Reside in the USA
• Businesses with Head Offices in the USA
• Clients utilizing USA Bank Accounts for any part of their transaction with us.

We DO NOT provide ANY services to Passport holders or Businesses from the following countries:

• Afghanistan
• Libya
• North Korea
• Sudan
• Syria
• Yemen

Your Signature:___________________________ Your Name:____________________________

Date Signed:______/______/______