Heritage funds Program

“The Secret to a Financial Breakthrough is partnering with a Banking Insider who gets you Results others can’t !”

Heritage Funds accounts are Trust Funds or Bank Accounts with long history or pedigree that have been obtained or secured through Inheritance. Often the original source of the funds is hundreds of years old and their enormous wealth has been passed down from generation to generation.

Many Heritage Funds accounts originally contained hard assets like real estate, businesses, rare coins, gold, jewelry or other valuable commodities. Today a significant amount of those accounts have been converted into cash. It is these cash accounts that Intellifinance offers a safe, robust, profitable Heritage Funds Program to accelerate the owners wealth and give them consistent healthy monthly returns on their Heritage Funds asset. Our unique Heritage Funds Program gets your money working for you and growing safely month after month after month.The entire process is handle by our partner principal SFP.

The Heritage Funds Problem…
Heritage Funds have a range of unique banking restrictions that make it very difficult for the funds to be utilized in most currently available PPP (Private Placement Programs) or Trade Programs. The biggest restriction on Heritage funds is the bank holding the funds will NOT permit ANY SWIFT confirmations to be sent from the Heritage Funds account.

That means:

• No Swift Mt760 Blocked Funds
• No Swift Mt799 Blocked Funds
• No writing Bank Guarantees or Standby Letters of Credit against the funds and Swifting them

Heritage Funds Business Problem

This restriction severely diminishes ability of the Heritage Funds owner or beneficiary from being able generate a positive growth return on their Heritage Funds cash!

The Process
1. Complete the Heritage Funds Program Application below and return it to us on email

The Rules
• Minimum Heritage Funds Requirement is $500 Million Euro
• The Program operates for a minimum of 12 months.
• Maximum Tranche Size of 5 Billion Euro. Funds larger than 5 Billion need to be moved into the Program in
multiple tranches.
• Our Funds Manager has to be Appointed Power of Attorney for the Program to operate.

The Profit
• The Heritage Funds Program pays clients a net return of 20% per month!
• The Program, Administration and Broker costs are all paid by the Program and do not erode the clients net 20%
return per month.
• Clients receive 2 x 10% return payments per month. These payments are paid every 2 weeks.

20% Return Per Month on Heritage Funds

Heritage Program Profit Example

Investor has 1 Billion Euros of Heritage Funds in HSBC Hong Kong and chooses to enter the Secure Platform Funding Program.

Secure Platform Funding arranges for the Investors bank to place a Internal Block on the 1 Billion Dollars. The Program then pays the Investor 100 Million Dollars every 2 weeks (or 20% per month) for the Life of the Program.

Please fill in attached form for Heritage funds Program